Fit India Movement - 10 Easiest Ways to remain Fit

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Posted on Aug 29, 2019 07:26 IST in Sports.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the ambitious Fit India Movement on 29 August 2019 on the occasion of National Sports Day to commemorate the birthday of Indian hockey legend Major Dhyanchand. The movement to encourage Indians to remain fit and healthy was launched at the Indira Gandhi Stadium Complex in New Delhi amidst beautiful cultural programmes.

The nation-wide campaign aims to encourage people to inculcate physical activity and sports in their everyday lives. A committee comprising government officials, members of Indian Olympic Association (IOA), national sports federations, private bodies and fitness promoters was also formed to advise the government on the Fit India Movement.

While the government encourages the citizens to be healthy and fit, we are providing you 10 easiest ways you can achieve the goal to be fit always.

1) Choose a sport and make it a way of life: The sports should involve physical activity like table-tennis, badminton, squash, swimming, etc. By the way cycling is one of the easiest such activity.

2) Walk regularly: Start with15-20 minutes a day and go up to 50-60 minutes a day. It is incredible to control blood pressure hikes and make you fresh all day.

3) Make Yoga part of life: Yoga is one of the easiest ways to remain fit – much easier than hitting the gym and taking advice from a health-expert of nutritionist!

4) Reduce intake of both sugar and salt: Sugar adds up to the calories very fast while salt is really bad for blood pressure.

5) Take your breakfast on time: Yes, it the most important meal of the day not just because it breaks the overnight fasting period but nutrients taken during breakfast are also the most beneficial.

6) Eat healthy food: Less of fried stuff and junk food full of oil and more and more of fibers, fruits and vegetables. Make it a habit to include some dry fruits like almonds, walnuts, figs, etc. part of your food.

7) Don’t sit for long periods: Now it’s been proven that sitting for long hour increases your chances of getting heart problems, diabetes, brain stroke, etc. So if your job requires sitting for long periods, take a break after every 20-30 minutes and make some body movements to kick out lethargy.

8) Take stairs and avoid lift as far as possible: Climbing stairs is one of the easiest cardio-vascular exercises you can have and is very good for heart. For example if you go up 5 floors, exit at the third floor and walk the remaining distance.  

9) Decrease screen time: It means reduce the time you spend on your mobile, laptop and TV. Time employed on these screens makes you sit longer in a position which is proven to be really bad for your body apart from putting incredible pressure on your eyes. That will make you fresher and healthier. Just keep these devices aside and take a stroll outside or on your balcony or rooftop. 

10) Make it a habit to go on vacation with family at least twice a year: Vacation with family is now perceived a huge booster for fitness – mentally as well as physically.

Note: Remember inculcating discipline is one of the most important aspect associated with good health. Inculcating discipline means make it habits like get up early and go to the bed early, taking breakfasts on time, reducing the time gap between meals. Eat often but keep the meals lighter. Remember these things are easier said than done! This is where your resolve and discipline can come for some reality check.

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